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Upper North Island Story

The Upper North Island Story is about growth and change and how important the connections between the regions and cities of the Upper North Island are to the ongoing success of New Zealand.

The Upper North Island (UNI) Story tells us that:

• Despite being 20 percent of New Zealand’s land area, it contains over half of New Zealand’s population and economic activity and includes nationally significant infrastructure.

• Growth is putting pressure on our housing, infrastructure, labour market and environment.

• The UNI is connected. The strength of the relationship between the cities and regions of the UNI is vital to success of New Zealand as a whole.

• Many issues are not defined by local government boundaries. Thinking about the Upper North Island holistically and working collaboratively is key to planning for future challenges.

This document has been produced for the Upper North Island Strategic Alliance (UNISA) which is a collaboration of four regional/unitary councils (Northland, Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty) and three city/district councils (Whangarei, Hamilton and Tauranga).

This story leads into and informs the following documents:

• Upper North Island Strategic Alliance Value Proposition.

• Upper North Island Strategic Alliance Action Plan.

Read the full Upper North Island Story here

Action 7D in the SmartGrowth Strategy sets out our commitment to participate in the North Island Strategic Alliance



Building our futures together

SmartGrowth focuses on developing good relationships, building trust and advancing a new way of working together as the key to creating a well planned and integrated community across the sub-region.

The forum groups are integral to informing SmartGrowth governance of the issues and concerns at the grassroots of our communityThese forums represent the diverse communities that make the western Bay of Plenty a great place to live, learn, work and play.

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