As the population has increased, the demand for housing has exceeded supply, pushing up property prices and increasing the need for new urban development areas.

In more and more areas of the sub-region, housing is unaffordable for many people. A lack of supply and a limited choice of housing types and locations are limiting options. Land available for future housing supply is constrained. We’re short of homes, and there’s little choice in the type and size of dwellings we can live in. To help address these issues, we need to grow up as well as out.

Achieving a balance between greenfield development and intensification is the best way to house our growing population. More houses and apartment blocks will be built in existing suburbs along the Te Papa Peninsula (from Greerton to the CBD), Otūmoetai/Matua and Mount Maunganui. New neighbourhoods will be created or expanded in the east (Wairakei, Te Tumu, Rangiuru), west (Pyes Pa, Tauriko West) and north (Ōmokoroa) of the sub region.

The Western Bay of Plenty Housing Dashboards

The Kāinga Tupu Taskforce and the SmartGrowth Housing Action Plan Working Group have developed a series of online digital dashboards to increase accessibility to data across the housing spectrum. The dashboards provide a one-stop-shop platform to support our local information needs on everything housing related – from homelessness to emergency housing, to social housing and supported living, to market renting, through to home ownership.

These dashboards show how our sub-region is growing and changing in real time.

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We're protecting our environment for future generations
We're making it safer and easier for people to use public transport to help reduce transport-related emissions in line with the Government's Emissions Reductions Plan.
We're keeping people and goods moving
We're keeping road and rail links predictable, reliable, and resilient in off-peak times to keep goods moving and our economy strong.
We're connecting people in different ways
We're making it safer and easier for people to get to schools, GP clinics, community, and shops in different ways, including walking, cycling, buses, and vehicles.
We're making it safer to travel around
We're improving travel safety and working towards an outcome where no one is seriously injured or killed in road crashes.