Tāngata Whenua

Tāngata Whenua

The history, culture, and values of tāngata whenua are part of what makes the western Bay of Plenty a special part of New Zealand. The enduring ancestral relationship that tāngata whenua have with their whenua, wai, and taonga is central to their identity as mana whenua and key to their roles and responsibilities as kaitiaki over their respective rohe (areas of interest).

Tāngata whenua have been a partner in SmartGrowth since its inception in 2000. This partnership has been exercised through membership on the governance group and the creation of the Combined Tāngata Whenua Forum.

However, progress with Treaty settlements, the emergence of new approaches to spatial planning, and increased expectations from government and tāngata whenua regarding co-management of natural and physical resources, means SmartGrowth needs to proactively work in partnership with tāngata whenua to continue to achieve social, cultural, environmental, and economic objectives, alongside those of other partners.

Today, tāngata whenua are one of the four key foundation partners to the SmartGrowth partnership at a governance level, and management level through the Combined Tāngata Whenua Forum (CTWF) and Tū Pakari Advisors.

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Tāngata Whenua Perspectives on Growth Management

Tāngata whenua perspectives on growth management extend beyond cultural matters or wellbeing and instead inter-twine across the social, environmental, cultural and economic spheres. Priority focus is the development of Māori Land and Papakāinga and  Tāngata Whenua Spatial Planning.

The SmartGrowth Tu Pakari team are working on a number of initiatives to support development of Māori Land and Papakāinga including direct engagement with Māori Land Trusts and identifying housing aspirations.

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Research and Resources

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